Celebrating the Divine Feminine – Sunshine Coast



IMG_9294Namaste Wise Souls, thank you for visiting me here in my sacred sanctuary on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Welcome to healing for women and the wonderful world of the divine feminine.

Many women have been searching for inner calm and the ability to happily and successfully navigate life’s path.

My work offers empowering approaches that enable you to learn how to joyfully reclaim your divine inner wisdom.

  • Intuitive mentor for women
  • Holistic mentor for healing guidance
  • Sacred meditation circle for women
  • Mentoring for spiritual, mindful health – energy and oracle
  • Sacred workshops and gatherings – empowerment – energy
  • Reflexology mentor (for students)
  • Reflexology treatments
  • Reiki Master – Dr Usai lineage
  • Seichim Master –  Patrick Zeigler lineage
  • Founder of “Wisdom Gatherers – Celebrating the divine feminine” A soulful place of truth, inner beauty and authenticity for women

Join my inspiration celebration for an exciting journey of living awakened

Shanti Om Shanti

Kate x