Sacred Wellness for Women

Sacred Wellness for Women

Sacred Wellness for Women



Welcome to my sacred space and the wonderful world of natural health. Many of us have been searching for inner calm and the ability to happily navigate life’s path. Allow me to share with you many empowering approaches that enable you to joyfully reclaim your authentic self.

I was born with incurable health concerns and survived. Over the years I have been able to create a real shift and wellness approach to my life that I love to share! The importance of living authentically is very dear to my heart. True shifts create calm and liberation, allowing for moving forward in positive, productive ways.

My background in teaching enables me to positively and successfully lead groups both large and small. I facilitate workshops, mentoring, coaching and guided meditation groups for women.

Everything is about inspiration and dedication to the life you live.


Lead authentically

My experience has lead me in many exciting directions.  My passion is sharing ways to help you discover your next step, your life’s message and your sacred story so that you can become inspired about your life.   My qualifications in reflexology, reiki, holistic counselling and teaching have all contributed to my wish in seeing everyone achieve success.

Expect the best of life, everyone deserves that.

Desire to inspire.



Kate x